American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator Game

American Truck Simulator
  • Developer: SCS Software
  • Genre: Vehicle simulation
  • Version: 1.41
User Rating: Rating 4.85

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Release Date
Feb 2, 2016
SCS Software
SCS Software
Vehicle simulation
Windows PC, Mac, IOS, Android


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Shayla Patton

The American Truck Simulator is an open-world, trucking emulator that was released by SCS Software in 2,016. It’s been dubbed “America’s Truck Simulator” and is set in the United States. The game is a sequel to the highly successful Euro Truck Simulator 2. The game includes over 20,000 km of roads. The player can choose from over 50 types of lorries, over 80 brands.


The graphics in the American Truck Simulator game is simplistic but beautiful. The graphics are based on American landmarks. It is set during daytime/nighttime, so the graphics are not too monotonous. It also changes the weather every few minutes, so sometimes it may be raining or cloudy in an area. This also adds an element of realism. When you are driving, you will be able to see the design of the lorry you are driving. You will also be able to see some light details in the car, like the air-conditioning vents, windows.


The gameplay in Free American Truck Simulator is very simple. Players have the opportunity to drive any car of their choice, so players can drive through any of the 50 states. It’s a trucking emulator, so the gameplay is all about driving. However, it also offers players the possibility to manage their own company, depending on their decision, they can choose to hire more drivers or to start building a garage. 


There is no multiplayer, so if you play the latter and have friends to play American Truck Simulator online with, go for it.  It is also interesting to try out if you like the idea of running a business and earning money while driving around.


The replayability is high. There is no multiplayer, so the replayability is only limited to how much the player wants to drive around the country.

American Truck Simulator online free also has a variety of challenges to complete, as well as a variety of lorries to drive. The player can drive numerous lorries, all with their own characteristics, models. The player can also unlock numerous trailers as well. The player can even customize their own lorry, which adds to the replayability by giving players something to work towards. The variety of lorry, trailers to drive helps with the replayability.


  • How do I download the American Truck Simulator game?
    You can purchase the game on the Steam platform, which is currently the only place available to buy. If you have the game on Steam, when the update is ready, you’ll be notified to American Truck Simulator download the update. If you have a CD key, you can use it to activate the game on Steam. To download it from Steam, please follow these steps:
    • Open the Steam client program, sign in.
    • Select “Games” from the top menu. 
    • Choose “Activate a product on Steam”. 
    • Follow the instructions. 
    • Once you’ve entered your CD key, the game will start downloading automatically.
  • How do I install American Truck Simulator PC version?
    The simulator doesn't need to be installed and can be played directly from the folder.
    You should find the American Truck Simulator Download PC file of the game. Unpack into any folder and run as administrator.
  • Is it possible to change the language in the emulator?
    No, language can't be changed. The language of menus, the game itself is English.
  • Can you play game online?
    Yes, you can an American Truck Simulator play online, multi-player in the emulator. However, it has a single-player mode.
  • Does an emulator cost any money?
    Yes! The game is available on Steam and is priced at $19.99 USD. So, you can`t find American Truck Simulator free play.


This game is a simple trucking emulator set in the United States. American Truck Simulator Free Download PC has high replayability but no multiplayer.

"American Simulator" has been well received by critics, holding a rating of 85 on Metacritic. Overall, the emulator is great to play if you like trucking simulators. It’s a game where the player can drive around the country and see the different states. It’s also a game where the player can build their own company and manage it to their liking. Download American Truck Simulator Free and enjoy!. However, it has a single-player mode.


  • There’s a variety of cars to drive;
  • There’s a variety of trailers to drive;
  • There’s a variety of challenges to complete;
  • The game is set in the United States;
  • The weather changes frequently;
  • It’s a trucking game.


  • There’s no multiplayer;
  • The graphics are simplistic;
  • The game is only available on Steam.

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